General Goal

The objective of CORI in the classroom is to increase amount of students' engaged reading. Engaged reading refers to reading strategically (using background knowledge, questioning, summarizing, and other skills), with the motivational goals of learning from text, interacting with other students to learn, and gaining conceptual understanding of science through reading.

Overall Instructional Objectives

A classroom objective is that students be engaged in reading for 60 minutes daily. To provide 60 minutes of engaged reading daily requires that teachers:

  1. Motivate students to read independently, via
    • hands-on science with interesting, accessible activities for grades 3 & 4;
    • an abundance of readable, information trade books linked to hands-on activities;
    • facilitating students' long-term goals for learning content through reading;
    • reading and strategy-use driven by students' interests, questions, and choices.
  2. Teach cognitive strategies for reading comprehension, via
    • direct strategy instruction embedded in science content;
    • explicit instruction within extended text interactions in information books;
    • the combination of strategies for optimal learning.
  3. Provide a deep knowledge base in science, via
    • integration of reading with science content;
    • learning depth of knowledge in content.